Another Crossing Of The Street

I was busy Thursday — and didn’t get to blog about this. And it’s probably a good thing. Last night, I had this weird dream the third hour of Today was being replaced with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire as Meredith Vieira was coming over from ABC.

Seriously, I trust you’re aware as Today is losing Katie Couric, it’s gaining the service of Meredith.

The total number of minutes I’ve actually watched The View I can count with one hand. And I recall her brief stint on 60 Minutes.

During my travels, I’ve tried to catch her hosting the syndicated version of Millionaire (never has aired here…grrrr) and I think she does an excellent job with it. She’s no Regis — but she doesn’t have to be.

Truly wanted to see Ann, Campbell or Natalie move up in the world. But, Meredith will fill the shoes just fine.

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  1. Ann’s pushing 50, last time I calculated her age. Your sentiments on Meredith match mine on Ann.

    Maybe there *is* something good in the NYC water.


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