Dealing Online

To help get me in the Friday mood, I played the Deal or No Deal game on I picked case #23, in honor of the fact I popped the question to Cindy two years ago yesterday (March 23). The result…

…she just asked if I was entitled to 10% of this payoff. No, I responded, it’s all fictional fundage.

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3 Responses to Dealing Online

  1. Wouldn’t you be ineligible, anyway, as the employee of an NBC affilliate? 😉

  2. Doug says:

    I’d have to ask that in the event I attend an audition. (Closest known audition to me was Huntsvegas, believe it or not.)

  3. Heh … that goes to show how much attention I’ve been paying lately. I’ve had my head down doing work stuff. :sigh:

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