“Today” Going Back To The Future? Doubt It

Will she or won’t she be the next anchor of the CBS Evening News? Only Katie Couric knows for sure. My take: I’ll believe it when I see it.

But this nonsense…


…I don’t buy for a minute. For starters, this “industry leader” either didn’t watch or completely forgot the ABC News 20/20 interview that aired several hours after Bryant Gumbel signed off from CBS’ The Early Show for the final time. In the interview, he essentially said he wouldn’t be on TV five days a week again.

I think it’s safe to say he’s happy with his current TV gig (HBO’s Real Sports), wife #2 (Hilary Quinlan) and the occasional guest host appearance (Live with Regis and Kelly).

I’d like to know what this industry leader’s been smoking; either (s)he needed to quit it or share it.

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  1. Doug, I think the race to replace Katie Couric on The Today Show will be a tough one, the way it was 3 decades ago when Barbara Walters left to co-anchor the ABC Evening News with Harry Reasoner and which led to the choice of Jane Pauley to co-host with Tom Brokaw who replaced Jim Hartz.

    I think Campbell Brown would be good to replace Katie.

  2. Campbell’s certainly a logical choice. IIRC, this is how Al Roker moved up in the NBC world — working weekends, then the weekday program.

    Frankly, I think it’s better to wait for Katie to make her move — stay at NBC or go to CBS. If the latter, *then* we can play the speculation game.

    Again, I’ll believe it all when I see it.

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