‘Cause It’s Root, Root, Root For The Home Team

Cindy e-mailed me noting we have a couple to cheer for when The Amazing Race 9 starts…


…I think we can bury the hatchet over “find the Southern colonel” from TAR8, a.k.a. the family edition.

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3 Responses to ‘Cause It’s Root, Root, Root For The Home Team

  1. What, you’ll take the locals over the clueless-looking blonde n00bs with the big boobs? I’m shocked.

    [As for TAR:FE … never happened. Do you hear me? Never. Happened. ;)]

  2. Doug says:

    Heheh. I do wish it never happened — but it did.

  3. Well, my “I reserve the right to hate the Mississippi team if they’re jerks” clause is being exercised, and I’m not even halfway through the first episode.

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