Someone Missed A Memo (or didn’t bother to read it)

An oops award is on its way to Fox Sports Radio for airing this liner voiced by sportscaster James Brown…

“Hi, I’m James Brown – and you’re listening to The Drive on Fox with Chris Myers and Brian Cox.”

…such a liner was useless for two reasons…

1. Chris and Brian were both away on assignment — Chris in Florida covering Daytona SpeedWeeks and Brian visiting our men and women in uniform in Iraq. To the network’s credit, Fox Sports Radio’s voice guy introduced their substitutes.

2. J.B., so nicknamed by his colleagues and legions of fans, is no longer with Fox Sports. In a week Al Michaels “crossed the street” to NBC, Brown was named the new studio host for CBS’ The NFL Today.

…oh, and this liner aired *twice* this week.


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  1. Well, that’s nothing new … and besides, ESPN Radio’s Gamenight hasn’t changed the voices in the open lately, even though they’ve added two new guys to the rotation. [Of course, the voices don’t self-identify, so it’s not a huge issue, especially since those guys aren’t out of the rotation, but if you follow ESPN Radio as I do, it’s amusing.]

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