You’re Fired! But Why?

If you follow the NFL, you’re well aware of the fact the New Orleans Saints fired its head coach, Jim Haslett.

Whether or not you follow football, you’re probably aware of the fact the Saints have had an extremely tough road to hoe. Their home venue, the Louisiana Superdome, was heavily damaged after the Hurricane Katrina. “Home games” took place either in San Antonio, Texas; Baton Rouge, Louisiana or, in a case of 11th hour planning, East Rutherford, New York (against the Giants).

After a 3-and-13 finish, how can Jim be blamed for all this? At times, you’ve got to wonder if the players’ hearts were even in the season after the storm. All this and lingering rumors the Saints would move elsewhere permanently certainly didn’t help matters.

Thanks about this for a moment. Let’s pretend a legendary coach such as Tom Landry or Vince Lombardi were with us in the here and now. Then let’s say one of them had to coach a team that had to be essentially nomads due to circumstances beyond their control. End result: a three-win season. You’re the owner of the team. Do you give everyone, the coach especially, a “free pass” and start hoping and preparing for better days ahead? Or do heads roll for a pathetic season – natural disaster or not?

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