Happy New Year

Greetings all. Hope you had a great Christmas and this new thing called 2006 is working well for you so far – even if only several hours old.

Christmas vacation was spent in and around the Tupelo area for a few days. Then, in the wee hours of Christmas day, Ron King, my father-in-law, drove his wife, Judy, as well as Cindy and me to the Lima, Ohio area. In about the same time frame, he drove us back to Mississippi this past Friday. He’s deserving of an Ironman award, for sure.

Much of the time in Ohio was spent with the nieces and nephew playing video games – including a plug-in-and-play Tetris game I received from the in-laws. Oh, and did I mention we had a white Christmas? Not enough for a snowball fight – but it made for a nice postcard picture. Too bad I didn’t pack the camera.

This was the first time in Ohio since the announcement Niki Wilhelm, the one niece that couldn’t make it down to our wedding last May, would join the club and get married to Kyle (sorry, folks, we can’t remember his last name!) this September. I offered to create a countdown clock similar to the one I had here at Doug’s Place, noting the number of days ‘til Cindy and I exchanged marital vows, but they haven’t accepted. (Offer’s still on the table.)

My wife and I are enjoying our final few hours of vacation. We’re due back to our respective jobs Tuesday.

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