Dodged A Bullet

Those sighs of relief you’re hearing are coming from the gulf coast — and several locations inland.

As late as Sunday morning, a lot of us thought Dennis was going to be a monster. Turns out the storm had much more bark than it did bite.

If anything, and I sure hate to be the voice of doom on this one, I think Dennis was a dress rehearsal for when a much stronger storm comes along. After all, this is still a relatively young hurricane season — and already we’ve had four tropical storms merit names.

Around these parts, everyone heeded the calls to take shelter when necessary, gather needed items, etc. etc. As a result, no serious injuries have been reported (as of this writing).

As for me Sunday, I faced the real possibility of going from Rock 104 RockTrax straight to WDAM — meaning I’d be the local media’s version of Jack Bauer. Heck, I even had the sleeping bag and an extra change of clothes all packed. But, after talking with a few co-workers and the boss by phone at DAM, it was determined such a plan wasn’t necessary.

Again, we all got quite a lucky break.

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