Odds And Ends

This is the obligatory “I’m still alive” post. Much has been done since the wedding and honeymoon.

Cindy and I are still rearranging our apartment. Plus, one month after tying the knot, we’re still receiving wedding gifts. Some quick advice to husbands- and wives-to-be: Prepare to be humbled. If you have a lengthy wedding registry, many friends and relatives will find ways to complete said registry.

One of Cindy’s friends is getting married this 4th of July weekend — and then we’re attending another wedding in another couple of weeks. Cindy’s right. With us and several others we know getting hitched, this must be the year for weddings.

Time for rare, yet deserved, praise to a member of the P.R. community outside the Pine Belt. Big thanks are in order to Nichole Cappitelli from On The Scene Productions for providing us a satellite interview with Beverly Brahan, the president of the Mississippi Association of Educators. Education funding’s been a hot topic in the news around these parts — and it was great to have her perspective on our air at WDAM this morning. The MAE president was in Los Angeles at the time attending a National Education Association conference. Considering that the start time of the interview was about 6:20am Central, you can do the math from there and realize how much of a trooper the president was.

See, Direct Media Services? This *can* be done. I’ve told you dingbats repeatedly we’ll only take interviews with strong Mississippi connections and this MAE situation is a perfect example. But, no, you have to resort to pitching interviews related to cable shows and sex therapists.

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