Counting Down And Constructing

As I write this, we’re now at 200 days exactly ’til the wedding. There’s a little preview — OK, a big preview — of what’s to come. In WDAM’s newsroom, there’s a nice picture of Pamela Weaver and her husband at her desk. Pam and Will are pictured arm-in-arm on their wedding night. Nice photo.

With so much construction going on in Petal and a touch of fall in the air, I’m wondering if I’m back in Cleveland. With so much construction going on in C-Town when I visited there in 2002, friends joked driving in certain sections of town was like playing the short-lived yet much remembered game show The Moneymaze (hosted by Nick Clooney…if his name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve probably heard of his son George). As for construction in Petal, I’m negotiating through it all OK — and yet I can’t wait for it to end.

The church Cindy and I will exchange our “I do’s” is on the main drag under construction. They’ve got 200 days to get this finished.

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