You Can’t Spell “Dummies” Without DMS

The pinheads at Direct Media Services (DMS) are at it again. And one of them in particular can’t seem to take “no” for an answer.

Saundra (no last name given) has contacted me at least once in each of the last three business days at WDAM-TV with regard to a satellite interview with Dr. Judy Kuriansky — author of books on sex. The focus of the interview: building healthy relationships, the etiquette of pillow talk and contraceptives. Saundra says this interview is available to us Tuesday morning — live via satellite — on News 7 Today.

For those parents in the Pine Belt who are suddenly concerned and wondering what’s going on, please rest assured I’ve declined such an invitation. The sad thing is I’ve had to decline every time Saundra called or e-mailed us with this interview request.

As the producer, I give you my word — this interview of sex talk will not air on News 7 Today. I repeat, this R-rated interview will not end up on WDAM-TV’s airwaves Tuesday morning.

As I’ve told Saundra — and sadly, it’s apparently not sinking in — if this interview aired, we’d be flooded with complaint calls. Angry parents would call us with a response along these lines: “How could you air this filthy interview at 6:15 in the morning? You’ve embarassed me in front of my children!”

Further, I’m wondering a couple of things…

\One of the times I was e-mailed this interview request, several other stations got the same e-mail. (Mild suggestion for those doing bulk e-mails: Please put your intended recipients in the “BCC:”/blind carbon copy line. This reduces the risk of spamming!) I’m left to wonder if Saundra’s managed to sign any station up for an interview with “Dr. Judy”.

\With News 7 Today targeted more than once for an interview with “Dr. Judy”, I’m wondering if Saundra’s working on a commission. I suspect so. Perhaps the more stations Saundra snookers into a satellite media tour, the more money she makes for DMS and herself.

…in any event, to those fans of “Dr. Judy”, please understand I’m sure she has something worthy to say. After all, per the information from Saundra, “Dr. Judy” has authored three books (and perhaps more) on sex. Please understand News 7 Today just isn’t the forum for her.

The parents who hold family values will understand and I’m sure “Dr. Judy’s” fan will understand as well. If only DMS will get the hint.

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