“Apprentice” Top Five List

Yes, I know I’m late in reacting. Been busy! Anyhow, Bill won The Apprentice as you know by now. Why, you ask? From the branch office in Farmersville, Ohio, the top five reasons Kwame lost the dream gig…

5. Omarosa

4. Omarosa

3. Omarosa

2. That no-good, two-timing (rhymes with “rich”) Omarosa

1. Omarosa

…and another thing, why let Omarosa be a factor in the first place? The Apprentice producers could’ve gotten creative and let Sam, who was “fired” by Donald Trump early on in the series, in on Bill and Kwame’s final tasks. True, he only lasted three weeks. But “that stare” came as a result from passion for business — not being extremely angry.

Say what you will about Kwame’s laid back managing style and Bill’s near flawless performance managing the golf tournament, the latter of which should be commended for sure. But, I bet you if Omarosa were at the tournament, she’d find some way to screw it up for Bill — thus giving Kwame the win.

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