My Pick To Win “Trump Card: The Next Generation”

First, if you don’t get the Trump Card joke, visit…

…a webpage describing the rules of the quiz show Trump Card which was taped at Donald Trump’s Trump Castle Resort/Casino in Atlantic City.

Now, for my prediction as to who Donald Trump will pick as his apprentice — Kwame. He was probably in the more perilous of the two executive decision situations in the latter half of last Thursday’s episode (Jessica Simpson nowhere to be found) — but I gotta believe part of Jessica’s entourage is to blame.

Cindy seems to believe Bill will get the dream gig. We have no bet on this — and I’d hate to think what I’d do to pay off said bet. So, we’ll see.

Back to Jessica, from a recent RockTrax show, the top five other Jessica Simpson mistakes. By now, I trust you heard when she met Gale Norton, the interior secretary, on a White House tour, the singer thought Norton’s job involved interior decorating. So, the other mistakes she’s made of late, compiled by our branch office in Farmersville, Ohio, are as follows…

5. Ran into Donald Rumsfeld, defense secretary, and wished him good luck on Joe Gibbs’ Redskins coaching staff.

4. Heard about “Condoleezza Rice”, thought that would make a great dinner dish.

3. Thought Paul McCartney was never in a band before Wings.

2. Applied for a producing gig for Talk Radio 890. (Of course, as I’ve noted elsewhere at Doug Morris dot org, that station was a mistake in of itself…but anyhoo…)

…and Jessica’s number one mistake…

1. Went on Celebrity Jeopardy!; asked, “Where do we play “Plinko!”?”

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