Quite Possibly My Last Entry In ’02

And what a year it’s been.

In my professional and personal life, I will always look back at 1996 as a year of renewed prosperity. I began the year in a dead-end job in radio — at a station that really didn’t want me around unless someone was sick and they were like “come fill in or else”. I ended the year with that station in my proverbial rear-view mirror while taking on new responsibilities at WDAM-TV and Rock 104.

While the professional life was great in 2002 (currently taking a break from it as I burn up my final week of vacation for this year), the same couldn’t be said in the personal life. I had been through a real dry spell in the dating world and whenever I did date someone, she was either a complete idiot or wanted to get married within 6 months (not a good move!).

So along came the late spring and early summer of therapy. Just hang out. Chat. Take it easy.

While I took that route, here comes Miss Circle. We took things real slow at first — but really enjoying our relationship now.

Only problem: She’s not here in South Mississippi to celebrate 5 months as a couple. She’s visiting relatives in Ohio on her holiday break.

What will ’03 hold for Miss Circle and I? Stay tuned. Happy new year, everybody!

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2 Responses to Quite Possibly My Last Entry In ’02

  1. Dad says:

    I hope and pray that 2003 is good for you.

    We enjoyed meeting Miss Circle. She seems like a nice lady.

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