When It Rains, Shut Up!

Time for another, if slight, slam at Clear Chuckle Radio.

While I was out running errands and doing some Christmas shopping, I was listening to Jim Rome’s sports talk radio show — presented by Premiere Radio Networks, a subsidiary of Clear Chuckle. At least, it was scheduled to be Jim Rome’s *sports* talk radio show.

Romey, as he’s known to by his legions of fans, spent most of the second segment of his show talking about the rain in Southern California — registering a mere .25″ in the rain gauge — and how the local TV news makes such a big deal out of precious little rain.

Eh, OK, I’m fine hearing about a mild, non-sports rant on a sports show — so long as it’s brief. There’s the problem. By my unofficial count, this rant lasted damn near 10 minutes. The stopwatch wasn’t handy — but by looking at the clock on my vehicle’s radio, Romey mocked and criticized the LA TV news scene on how they covered something non sports-related for most of a quarter-hour.

I’m sure the aforementioned legions of fans stay tuned for the whole segment (moreover, the whole show). But, the casual listener would’ve made use of the tuning dial, one of the preset buttons or the on/off switch about 3 or 4 minutes into Rome’s take.

Memo to Rome: Stick with sports. You host a sports radio show. Your core audience is sports fans — not weather junkies. Leave the weather to The Weather Channel and to local TV weather anchors.

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  1. And Lord knows that Rome does a crappy enough job covering sports. He’s much more concerned with invective than anything remotely approaching cogent analysis.

    Of course, from time to time, he does actually concern himself with the NBA, but man, 95% of America tuned out the NBA the second time MJ retired. [Me, it was over when Bird left.]

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