Mini-Road Show Wrap-Up: The Short Version

Thursday 10/17: Leave for Laurel, have lunch with grandparents, go to radio stations, chat with them about this ‘n’ that, go to fair, greet many folks, break tie in Spam cookoff (the lunch meat, not the useless e-mail), go back to grandparents’ home, go to sleep.

Friday 10/18: Wake up, have breakfast with grandparents, go to radio stations, work on Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute hour for Sunday, have lunch at nearby grill, go back to radio stations, prepare for fair, go to fair, great many more folks, have laughs, enjoy company of Miss Circle while we’re at Rock 104 booth, relatives get to meet Miss Circle for first time, Miss Circle and I head to each other’s homes (or home away from home in my case), clock out.

Today: Wake up, have breakfast with grandparents, pack up and head for home, pick up Miss Circle at her place, we go watch Southern Miss score a victory over Cincinnati (the Bearcats, not the Bengals…but probably the same result), we dine at Sports Rock Cafe, take her back to her place, my tired self will probably retire early!!!

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