Another Game Of Atmospheric Russian Roulette…

…and once again, South Mississippi is spared. Reportedly, no deaths here or Louisiana. But the Pelican state got much more damage. Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Louisiana.

Shifting gears and moving on to much less serious matters, this from the “Looks Like We We Right After All” department. And with it comes clarification time.

First, on this page, I cited a confidential source in noting WMXI would air a news/talk format after the recent closure of “The Hot FM”. Then, on this page, I ended up eating some crow when “98X” aired.

Turns out 98X’s music, with an emphasis on modern rock, was just a filler prior to this week’s debut of “Talk Radio 98.1 WMXI”. This as Ken Rainey, owner of WMXI and (up until recently) WXHB, was looking to move some of the programming from WXHB, a southern Gospel station, over to WMXI while putting WXHB up for sale. Further, for the record, it’s my understanding Rainey leased out MXI’s signal to Millennium Communications for “Hot FM” use — or misuse, depending on your take. And as noted earlier, the Blakeneys bought out XHB and will keep the Gospel format in tact.

Now, here’s what I can’t understand. If Rainey wanted to make MXI a talk station all along, why not go ahead and move Rush Limbaugh from XHB to MXI? As noted earlier, Rush was a leftover when XHB went from news/talk to Gospel in the wake of “98.1 The Hot FM”. With Rush already on MXI, Rainey could’ve easily filled the other 21 hours of a weekday with programming from an all-talk network or audio from CNN’s Headline News network. Further, under Rainey’s watch, XHB could’ve been what we’re going to make it to be — all Gospel, all the time (with JCJC football coverage coming along for the ride).

Eh, but then again, I don’t work for Rainey, so why should I worry about it? 🙂

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