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Finally, our new set debuts.

As I’ve mentioned before, the first new “big something” in anything in the broadcasting world won’t be without its problems. Thankfully, we just have a few minor bugs to work out. But the set looks marvelous. I took pictures of it for our website — here’s the direct link.

From the “Sue Us, We’re All Wrong” department, 98.1 WMXI takes on the moniker “98X” — a mainstream top 40 without a lot of Britney, ‘Nsync, et al. As I’ve learned in my years of broadcasting, I never take a competitor lightly — regardless of format. Well… that is unless you’re a podunk 1000 watt AM station. 🙂

But, getting back to MXI. I’m not so sure launching this format a week and a half after the closure of The Hot FM’s a good idea. You either loved The Hot FM or hated them. Either way, the listening public needs time to forget The Hot FM and I don’t think what 98X is doing is helping. (And if I’m wrong, I’ll admit it!)

As I’ve alluded before, I can remember the three times they were an adult contemporary stations, the two religious formats, The Hot FM days (of course) and even a period when they were continuously broadcasting the Marcel Marceau radio show (creative way of saying they were off the air for a while).

If the powers that be at 98X take their time and not rush anything to the air, they should be OK (if they get a top five ranking and land some big name advertisers to sponsor their programming, it’s because they worked their asses off). If they end up repeating the same mistakes The Hot FM did, I wouldn’t be surprised if 98X folds ’em in a year and a half.

Nonetheless, good luck — but not too much. 🙂

Finally, some quick takes in the game show world. I don’t like Wheel of Fortune replacing the longtime eggcrate scoreboard readouts with video screens to keep score. This season, the show’s celebrating 20 years in syndication — and they get rid of something that’s been with them the first 19 years plus the various network runs? Mystery wedge round’s kinda cool, though.

Pax’ version of Beat The Clock can be dissected in four words: Double Dare for adults.

Doug’s rating…

(insert one Wheel of Fortune bell here)

…one vowel out of five.

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