Double Nickels For Golden Eagles

Final score on the board read 55 for the Southern Miss Eagles and 7 for the Jackson State Tigers. Great game and, with an in-state opponent, well-attended.

Traffic was hell on earth — again, given the in-state opponent. At least we’ll all have an idea of what to expect if Ole Miss or Mississippi State visit M.M. Roberts Stadium.

This was the first Southern Miss football game Miss Circle’s attended. Despite the packed house and the associated discomfort, we had lots of fun.

Don’t think the next game will be quite as hectic. Illinois’ coming to town for a Saturday mid-morning game (thanks to ESPN scheduling).

Radio tidbit: A source tells me — and I’ve got to keep his/her identity a secret — 98.1’s going from “The Hot FM” to a talk radio FM. News/talk in these parts has not been worth writing home of late. As noted earlier here at Doug’s Place, WQIS went nowhere fast despite a decent effort — and much the same can be said for WXHB-96.5. Regarding WXHB, its’ news/talk format with a splash of easy listening music (don’t ask) was sacrificed for the Southern gospel that was displaced by The Hot FM’s April 2001 debut.

I can only wonder what WMXI’s going to do as a news/talk station. If all they’re going to carry is Rush Limbaugh and other syndicated programming, that’s going to start and end faster than dance top 40. If, however, they’ve lined up a lot of local talk hosts to be scheduled before and after Rush, MXI’s got a chance. The latter’s unlikely given WQIS’ and WXHB’s respective histories in news/talk (lots of syndie, only an hour or two of local talk each weekday, end of story).

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