Saturday Night Special

Last night, I hung out at Miss Circle’s.

The evening began with dinner served up by the Circle herself. (Mmmmm, chicken!) After din-din, we watched the Sharpie 500 from Bristol.

The TNT broadcast team debated on this topic: would there be more yellow flags or lead changes in the race? The better question: would there be more cautions or promotions for Witchblade?

Early on, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. lead about the first fifth of the race. Jeffy Gordon, Miss Circle’s favorite, then takes over the lead for awhile.

Along the way, the usual bangin’, spinnin’ and crashin’ we’d come to expect from Bristol. With so many tempers flaring, the subtitle of the race should’ve been Men Behaving Badly.

Anyhoo, waning moments of the race. Rusty Wallace, a short-track ace, is leading — when Jeffy passes him. And the 24 car wins — much to Miss Circle’s delight and … well, like the drivers who were knocked out of contention, my comments would have to be censored.

But hey, fun was had by all and that’s what counts.

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