The Quest For The Red: Today’s Therapy Session

Therapy equaled today’s lunch.

My lunch date — we’ll call her “Miss Circle” for lack of a better pseudonym; plus I’m still reading Peter Marshall’s book — and I met up at a local restaurant.

As we talked over lunch, we shared lots of laughter — which does wonders for my therapy. We also discovered we have a good bit in common…

\we used to live in Ohio (she’s grew up in Lima and also lived in Springfield; I used to live in Beavercreek which is just outside of Dayton)

\we like football (and were happy Ohio State beat Michigan last season — FINALLY!)

\we like NASCAR (one problem, she’s a Jeff Gordon fan…oh well)

We also had a good laugh when Miss Circle talked about her days in the Phi Mu sorority of her alma mater. I remembered back in my WNSL-FM days L.J. McKay and I appeared at USM’s Delta Gammas’ Anchor Splash (in layman’s terms, a field day in the USM natatorium). During one of the events — a relay race, if memory serves — the Phi Mu team was leading. The respective cheering section chanted “PHI… MU… PHI… MU… PHI… MU…”. L.J., who wasn’t up on his Greek terminology, thought the sorority sisters weren’t chanting “PHI… MU…”; he thought they were saying “FxxK… YOU… FxxK… YOU… FxxK… YOU…”.

Looking back, I hope sharing that moment of blue language didn’t spoil my chances of a second date. But, we both left the restaurant with smiles on our faces. So, who knows?

Either way, with the memories of 2001 as vivid as yesterday — so vivid the first anniversary of the breakup of my last girlfriend’s coming up this fall — I’m treading lightly with Miss Circle and anyone else for that matter.

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  1. Ahhhh, Phi Mu. 🙂 Sorority girls in swimsuits? Damn, why don’t we do this at UAH?

    Sounds like a good time was had. Rooting for Gordon is correctable with hypnotic therapy and brainwashing. I volunteer to conduct.

  2. (waves pocket watch)

    You are getting sleeeeepy… SLEEEEEEpy…. you will root the #8 car to victory… you will buy a Gordon voodoo doll… you will place pins right where they will hurt…

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