This Week — On The Quest For The Red

The lady who lost her husband recently wants to meet up with me at a local sports bar.

We plan to have dinner and shoot pool Wednesday. This was postponed from an earlier appointment so that she and her son could reflect back on six months to the day since her husband’s fatal overdose.

Another lady in the quest has been sick for a few days with an ear infection. Hopefully, she feels better soon.

And then, there’s a woman from the past — Kim. We’ve talked about seeing a movie or something real simple.

When she was my girlfriend, Kim was a part of my second most successful relationship — at least in terms of length of time we were together. We dated about four and a half months, by my count (most successful was double that time).

Why did it end? Perhaps *the* reason was Kim was in a hurry to become a wife again — and saw tremendous potential in me as husband #2. She was married for about 10 years — yet she didn’t give birth to any children between the wedding and the divorce.

While I’m somewhat flattered to be thought of as “the one”, four months-plus dating does not a marriage make. Towards the end of our relationship, one of her fellow tenants at the apartment complex she lived in had just come off of a divorce and he had custody of the kids. Kim took a liking to him and the kids — and perhaps she thought a new family could be made. What’s happened to him since? I don’t know — but he’s out of the picture (or so that’s what she told me on the phone recently).

At the least, I would like to recapture a friendship with Kim. She’s still pretty cool and looks much younger than her 37 years. But, if she’s broken trust once like this, she’ll never be the future Mrs. Morris.

BTW, here’s a picture of Kim from my radio show site. This picture was taken at the Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center in September 2000. This was the only highlight of that month. The next day, I was on the road to Tennessee to visit Mom, who had suffered a near-fatal stroke.

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  1. Well, the other thing is Kim’s a big fan of Britney Spears. Yes, you read that right. Tack on about six years to Kim’s age and she’d be old enough to be Brit’s mother! I don’t think I could stand to hear "Oops, I Did It Again" the rest of my waking days.

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