Salute To Willis

Man did we have fun last night. 🙂

It all started with me picking up my friend who works at Parkway Heights United Methodist Church’s daycare center. While at her place, I could tell she’s a Christian. There were a few copies of the world’s top best seller (Bible, for those of you in Magee). Plus, she had a praise and worship music CD in her CD player and the words “Jesus saves” across the top border of her computer monitor.

Doug’s Place Flashback: Dad had something similar on his machine years ago. Only the message was a bit more in-depth. “Jesus saves! Computers will too; but you have to tell them to save.”

Anyway, back to last night. We get to The Summit at ParkPlace — the off-shoot of PHUMC (oh yeah, gotta update their site later today!). The place was *packed*. The Summit normally skews young — college-age to 30-ish. In addition to our regular crowd, lots of folks from the senior set came to say farewell to Willis Britt — nevermind his last day isn’t for another couple of weeks.

Part of last night’s salute to Willis was a roast. I’ll spare you the details to spare Willis further embarrassment. 🙂

My friend from the daycare center was shy at first. But, when the praise band started and we got into the “main event”, she enjoyed it all.

Yup, I think I’m gonna have to leave a smidge early on Thursday night to play taxi service for her. She has no set of wheels.

Now for tonight. Plans call for the other lady, the one who lost her husband to a drug OD, to be my opponent in a friendly game of Billiards — with a capital B and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool.

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