Red Alert

Ahhh, there’s nothing like playing the field — and having some field to play with.

First, about Gena. Still trying to call her at home and she’s not there. But, there’s no sense of being a stranger to her. Besides, as I hope you’ll see, I’m in no hurry for a relationship.

The new lady I met last week (name to remain confidential ’til further notice) is real bubbly — and real fun to talk to. She swears she won’t marry again — which I respect and understand. Only five months ago, she lost her husband to a drug overdose. He was the only man she really dated — and knew for a good part of her life. She prefers to take thing slow — and so will I.

Meantime, there’s a date I have tonight with *another* new lady (that name also to remain confidential ’til further notice). She and I have been corresponding online for a few weeks. She works at Parkway Heights United Methodist Church in the daycare center. We’ll be attending The Summit at ParkPlace, PHUMC’s off-site Thursday night service. She’s been looking for a church home and is open about being a Christian. So, hopefully she can make attending The Summit a weekly habit.

Tonight’s service will be special. It’s our salute to Willis Britt, PHUMC’s senior pastor, who is leaving us to take similar responsibilities at Galloway UMC. If it weren’t for Willis, we’d probably have no Summit and I’d be at home on Thursday nights watching Friends.

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