Weekend Notes

Mildly interesting stuff over the weekend.

Saturday was spent at the Crescent City Grill’s first ever crawfish boil. I’m not that big a fan of crawfish — so I had a burger and listened to some tunes from the band.

While we partied, USM announced Dr. Shelby Thames as the university’s next president. Reportedly, Dr. Thames has said he wants to make USM the #1 university in America. Woah! Lofty goal, partner. There’s lots of universities throughout these United States. Making USM #1 in Mississippi is more of a realistic goal.

Later that night, I met Vanessa at another watering hole. Her eyes and smile immediately got my attention. She kinda looks like Jodie Foster. We’ll be in touch over the net in the meantime.

Sunday’s radio show was a bit quieter than the 6th anniversary broadcast del grande. But, this most recent edition of RockTrax likely marked the last remote from Rick Eberhart on Rock 104. He was at the Food Home and Health show plugging the various events and our NASCAR/Talladega contest.

Rick has accepted a job in his adopted hometown of Cleveland. Oddly enough, it’s the very same station that fired him a year-plus ago. And, it’s a Cheap Channel station, too.

While I respect Rick’s wishes for going back to C-town, I can only hope CC will treat him better than last time. Some internet friends in Cleveland have been real loud critics of CC stations — and CC in general.

Heck, Vanessa said she doesn’t like the idea of CC trying to take over the industry. And she’s never worked in the business. She seemed relieved when I told her the radio stations I work for are owned and operated locally.

The weekend wrapped up with a brief visit to the WWF Live event at USM’s Reed Green Coliseum. I could only stick around for three matches, each “scheduled for one fall”. A headache was getting to me and it was “past my bed time” anyway.

I did get to see Mandy and Pete at WWF Live before the proceedings began. This was the first time I saw the two of them since their wedding last Memorial Day weekend.

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