Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (that Geof approved)

If you knew Geof, you knew he loved hockey. You knew he loved his Boston Bruins. But closer to home, he loved his UAH Chargers.

When he was color commentator on the radio, it was great to see him be big brother to many players on the team. Many players came from Canada and other faraway places to play in Huntsville.

Geof also shared that passion and love of the Chargers through a website he founded — He was so passionate, he was part of the reason the Chargers stayed in existence in 2011.

But fast forward to the pandemic. In 2020, UAH announced the end of the men’s hockey program and the men’s and women’s tennis programs. After a short comeback, another announced closure due to funding issues and the lack of conference membership.

Today, the UAH hockey team lives on as a club organization. It’s easy to say it’s better than nothing. But there is always hope the Chargers can return to D1 competition.

Geof’s has evolved as well — into When his professional responsibility became too much, fellow Charger fans picked up where Geof left off. Those UAH fans proposed the change in branding from to Geof not only blessed those plans, he secured the domain.

It’s still hard to imagine life with Geof. He was the life of our party. As of this writing, his next birthday would be less than one month from now. A present would’ve been bought with delivery plans made by now.

To all at, please take care of the website and the best of luck in your future endeavors. May the Chargers return to D1 competition someday. Even from The Perfect Place, Geof wants to see UAH defeat Bemidji State.

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