Christmas Page: Too soon? Not really.

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Yes — I hear you. We just finished Halloween, we’ve eaten all the candy, we’ve had the (expletive deleted) scared out of us visiting various haunted attractions, we’re putting away our costumes and — suddenly and are joining forces to launch a Christmas page? Really?

Here’s why we’re launching The Christmas Page now. Having lived and worked here for more than two decades, I can assure you our autumns are event-filled. While we’re speaking of a winter holiday in Christmas, most of December, per the calendar, is still in the fall.

Consider last month. Not only did we have Halloween, we also had the diabetes walk in Hattiesburg. Certain events throughout the area raised awareness of domestic violence and breast cancer. Football season was already in full swing by October – and – well if I kept going, this would turn into a long diatribe.

Further, as of this writing, a number of Christmas-themed events, or situations that offer a chance for you to get a head start on your holiday shopping, are taking place this month. Also, organizers of at least one Christmas parade are calling for entries by, you guessed it, the end of November.

While you’re advised to wait to put up your tree after you’ve had your Thanksgiving turkey and dressing, we invite you to get out your own calendar and start marking it. ‘Twill be a season to be jolly – and we wouldn’t want you to miss a beat.

(The Christmas Page can be found at until, likely, New Year’s.)

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