Idea to improve “Pawnography”

The second season of “Pawnography”, the quiz show spin-off of the long-running reality show “Pawn Stars”, recently debuted on History.  It’s the network’s first game show since the short-lived yet fondly remembered hard quiz “History IQ”.

Long gone are the Eye Q clips, the headlines from The InQuirer and the history haiku segment.  They’ve since paved way for three cast members from “Pawn Stars” to go head-to-head against two civilian contestants – all moderated by the star of “Titus”, Christopher Titus.

Basically, one or two cast members play against the civilians in an effort to avoid having treasured items from the Golden and Silver Pawn Shop in Vegas end up in the players’ hands.  And here is where the monotony begins.

Every question in the main game is a multiple choice question – and the participants (be you civilian or part of the pawn shop staff) must wait for the last of the four choices to appear before someone can buzz in and answer.

It made me think of another short-lived yet well-remembered music quizzer “Triple Threat”.

As you’ll (eventually) see, players on “Triple Threat” can buzz in after the first of four choices is revealed.  Trick is if you buzzed in just after the first choice is exposed, you’re committed to that answer by default and, statistically, have a 25% chance of being right (that is, unless, you spot the right answer in a flash).

That’s something “Pawnography” should try in its third season to change the format a smidge.

Aside from this quibble, “Pawnography” is a good show – whether or not you’re a fan of “Pawn Stars”. (And I’ve never watched “Pawn Stars”.)

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