Amazing Solutions

As a game show fan, I’m not sure which recent stunning solution moment is more stunning.

If you watch “Wheel of Fortune” with any regularity, you likely saw this a few weeks ago.

This next video requires a bit of a setup. For the last several months, I’ve been watching the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based game show “Sqrambled Scuares” (misspellings are intentional). While all the contestants come from the Myrtle Beach area and all the prizes are provided by merchants in said area, you can easily understand the game from any English-speaking part of the world.

Instead of a wheel, players collect their winnings from a four-by-four grid of squares – most of which also hide letters in the solution to the identity of a person, place, thing or title. Included within the grid are “missers” (squares that hide no letter, no prize or no extra points – forcing the end of the player’s turn) and “placers” (squares that place a certain letter in its proper word and position). If no placer is found, then the letter is simply placed in the proper word in the leftmost empty position on the board.

With me so far? Now, here’s the full and most recent episode below. The stunning solution comes in the first round of the game.

Both players who turned in these amazing performance know their respective games front and back. As I see it, mastering the game is only part of a winning performance.

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