Captain’s Curse Continues

From the “Gee, That Didn’t Take Long” department, word came today CBS News is revamping The Early Show yet again. The announced plans come not quite one full year since the most recent revamp, which came not long after we rang in 2011.

The proposed plans include a change in title of the program as well as the addition of anchors Charlie Rose and Gayle King. One you probably know from a long running PBS program; the other you probably know as Oprah’s best friend.

To borrow a line from the game show host character in the video arcade game Smash TV, “Good luck. You’ll need it.”

Now’s a good time to revisit the take of a TV critic in Florida. Tom Jicha opined CBS had much better luck with Captain Kangaroo in the morning.

The captain’s track record of success lasted more than a quarter of a century – until the news division meddled with his time slot. Later, the kiddie show was relegated to weekends only.

Ever since CBS News took over for the captain, there have been numerous changes in anchors, styles in presentation and titles of the program.

I stand behind my previous take. A network that has a reimagined Hawaii Five-0 and a revived Let’s Make A Deal on its air schedule should give up the ghost on morning news and replaced it with a revived/reimagined Captain Kangaroo.

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