Brett Retires — Again

Well, I hate to — oh, wait, this just in. Brett Favre’s coming out of retirement to play for Ottawa’s expansion team in the Canadian Football League.

Just kidding.

In any event, I hate to say I told you so — but I told you so.

When Brett switched jerseys, I predicted the New York Jets would go 8-8 and be, at best, a wild card if they made the playoffs. (insert Jim Mora’s rant here) End result was actually 9-7 and missing the playoffs. So I didn’t miss by much.

Though I will admit it got interesting when the Jets were 8-3. One NFL analyst said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Super Bowl had Giants vs. Jets. Well, we know how all that turned out.

Next items on Brett to do list: Find a way to get back to Green Bay and sign a contract there so he could retire a Packer. Further, I’m sure he’d like to get more involved in the Fourward Foundation, host golf tournaments and other fundraisers — and really give back.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if moves are made to waive off the five-year waiting period — in an effort to get Brett in the Pro Football Hall of Fame that much sooner.

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