Shine On You Crazy Diamond Anniversary

Seventy-five years ago today, Prohibition came to an end in these United States. And what better way to celebrate than going out for a drink? Such will be the case all across the country.

For example, word is there will be celebrations throughout California’s wine country. If you’re a Vulcan, you have to admit that’s logical. At least one Boston-based bar is also celebrating with an end-to-Prohibition party. If Norm, Cliffie, et al, were real people, they’d join in.

And to mark this milestone in Indianapolis, I’m sure a former co-worker in Fred Scott Sands will enjoy plenty of booze, buy women a few rounds of drinks, get them to… uh… well… if you knew Scott the way I knew him, you have a pretty good idea of the likely remainder of the story. Ladies of the Circle City, unless you *really* want to have Scott’s babies, it’s best you keep your distance from him.

But seriously, tonight and any night, after you’ve indulged in adult beverages, remember to leave the driving to someone else.

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