Not Quite How I Envisioned Year Number Two

Friends, first and foremost, thanks for the continued prayers. They’re much needed. A few friends told me people I don’t even know or have never met are praying for me, my relatives and Cindy’s relatives — and that means a lot.

Among those I’ve never met, a couple of Cindy’s former classmates from her college years have e-mailed or sent a card. Through visiting, they were comforted in knowing that sweet, kind Cindy they knew never changed.

Prayers are especially needed now as I embark on a long journey back to Ohio for the Memorial Day weekend. My travels will take me to Huntsville, Alabama — where my brother lives. Geof and I will then go in his car and go to Dayton, where we lived for most of the ’80s through 1991. Then, it’s on to Delphos where many of Cindy’s relatives still call home.

Some fun will be had along the way. After all, Cindy would not want us sad for too long.

But on May 28th, two years since the wedding bells tolled for Cindy and me, I will visit her gravesite.

I hope to make this an annual trip.

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