Tomorrow Is Not Promised

That’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way since Cindy died. That lesson has been repeated just recently.

Prayers are requested for the family of Rebecca “Beth” Harrison, who was on this earth for only 15 years. If you live here in the Pine Belt and don’t know the name, odds are good you’ve seen her in TV ads for Heritage Vision Center. Beth died apparently after suffering a brain aneurysm.

There are some similarities that can be drawn between Beth and Cindy. From what I’ve understood from my bosses at WDAM, Beth had no previous symptoms; as for Cindy, the first seizure came without warning. Beth was quite active in her church and often had a smile on her face; same definitely can be said of Cindy.

One more similarity. Like Cindy, Beth is free of suffering and in a nice safe place called Heaven.

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