Cindy Morris: 1972-2007

After Tuesday’s encouraging signs, Wednesday was a totally different story.

Doctors wanted to do another MRI on Cindy. During the MRI, she had another seizure.

The medical professionals at Forrest General Hospital did everything they could to make my Cindy better. Their best efforts couldn’t help.

We’re still unsure of what caused the initial seizure. We’ve decided for the sake of closure to order an autopsy.

My wife is now in a safe place, free of whatever she suffered and is reunited with her father who left this earth a decade and a half ago. Cindy is also reunited with a fantastic leader in Dr. Larry Kennedy, who served as her boss at William Carey University; he lost a brave battle with ALS.

Cindy, I love you — always and forever. It was a joy, honor and privilege to know you for four and a half years — whether as a lunch date, a friend, your boyfriend, your fiancé and ultimately your husband of one and a half years.

I would not trade these last four and a half years for anything.