Media Bonehead Du Jour

Today’s bonehead award goes to the dingbats in the control room at NBC’s Today.

In the opening of the 9:00 hour this morning, they had an aerial view of the cars driven by those who finished in the top ten of the 2005 Nextel Cup season. (Drivers of said cars would later be interviewed.) The background music that accompanied this opening was the theme song to *Fox Sports’* NASCAR coverage.

While there’s word NBC wants to get out of covering stock car racing at the close of the ’06 season, the dummies at Today might want to play songs from their *OWN* network’s library — not someone else’s.

In the event the NBC (and TNT) NASCAR theme wasn’t available, they should’ve been more creative. The opening guitar riffs of “Life In The Fast Lane” by the Eagles would’ve been a nice touch.

Bottom line: There are some days I think NBC would be better off running updated versions of Concentration and Let’s Make A Deal in that hour. This is one of those days.

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