Table For Two (Should’ve Been Four)

I was looking forward to the arrival of the in-laws. The four of us had planned to have turkey dinner at a local restaurant.

Unfortunately, Cindy’s mother is sick. So, she and husband Ron will stay in the Tupelo area tomorrow. Meantime, we’ll have turkey dinner to ourselves. We’ll hope they’ll come visit us Friday and Saturday so that they can join us for the Southern Miss/Tulane Game.

Here’s hoping our Eagles can score a victory against the Greenies. That would mean a six-win season and a possible invite to a bowl. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita certainly made the schedule interesting. Two games were postponed by the storm and created an unusual four-game road swing in the process — including a Sunday game in Houston played less than a week after a road game at Marshall.

Earlier today, I got a nice e-mail from a former listener living in Florida who, well, basically misses home — including Rock 104. As soon as I could, I forwarded it immediately to the executives and my co-workers. Gives new meaning to the phrase “winning back the listener”, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I wrote her back (didn’t ask what city in the sunshine state she was living in) and thanked her for taking the time to write. I wished her a great Thanksgiving and a safe journey home.

To you, I also wish you a great Thanksgiving and safe journey to your intended destination.

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