Busy Weekend; Bad Signs

If you live here in the Pine Belt and don’t have any plans for weekend, I’ve got a few suggestions. And for the sake of full disclosure, I’m somehow involved in such plans.

Friday marks Rock 104’s 10th year on the air. In addition, I’m marking my 9th year with the station and Cindy’s celebrating her birthday. We’re all celebrating at Buffalo Wild Wings in Hattiesburg starting at 7:00pm. Ya’ll come if you can.

Saturday, I have the great privilege of hosting the March of Dimes WalkAmerica for Forrest/Lamar County. We begin the walk at 10:00am at Kamper Park in Hattiesburg. But the sooner you get there, the better.

There’s a similar event for Jones County Sunday at 2:00pm at Laurel’s Cameron Center. But, of course, I have to work RockTrax then and can’t make that one. Still, support the March of Dimes all you can.

If you need more 411, click on over to DougMorris.net.

But, back to Friday and Rock’s 10th anniversary. I remarked on the air recently ever since moving cross the street from “the old place”, I’ve never had any reason to look back and regret such a decision. You’d probably come to the same conclusion if you saw your former boss standing around like a doofus like this…

…yes, we can’t help but continue to point and laugh. And for those of you at ZPL in Indy who’ve googled “Scott Sands” (at least I guess that’s where all the googling’s been lately), you’re welcome to point and laugh at the above pic, too.

By the way, Rick’s running for public office again. At one point, it was unclear as to exactly what office when I spotted several signs around Hattiesburg. Said signs had this generic, yet simple, message of “Vote Rick James”. And what’s funnier is it appears these signs were recycled from his run for House District 102 — just with the “state representative” reference sliced off. Some time later, a few new signs were spotted that almost complete the thought — “Vote Rick James City Council”. I say “almost” because they don’t reference which *ward* he’s running for. (For the record, Ward 4.)

Ever since the WQIS Talk Radio days (and if you missed those days, trust me, you didn’t miss much), Rick gradually became more of a political pundit and commentator. But, as a political candidate, he still has a lot to learn.

I’ve never run for political office and never been involved in managing a campaign. But, I can safely say in 13 years of broadcasting experience, when you’re running for office, you’ve got to lay out all your cards on the table face up. This means you got to explain why you’re a better candidate than the others, you’ve got to clearly state your stance on the issues — and it wouldn’t hurt to be real specific with regard to which position you’re running for.

Rick, for the most part, failed to do that in running radio spots when he campaigned against Lee Jarrell Davis — and, most certainly, he failed to do that with these campaign signs as he runs for city council. Back when he managed radio stations, I don’t think he’d appreciate getting a shipment of bumper stickers that only read “WQIS” or “WNSL” — without said stickers referencing dial setting or format. So, why even bother post signs around town that just say “Vote Rick James”?

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