Post Thanksgiving Wrap Up

In capsulized form, here’s how my Thanksgiving was spent…


Thursday: Still had to work in TV; worked about half a day. Then, Cindy and I go to Uncle Ray’s for Thanksgiving.


Friday: Again, half a workday or so in TV land. Later that night, I meet up with Cindy and her folks for dinner (they couldn’t make it down in time for the big meal at Ray’s).


Saturday: Huh boy. En route to meeting up with Cindy and her folks for the Southern Miss football game, I was on the receiving end — of a fender bender! For friends and relatives who’ve suddenly become alarmed, don’t worry. I’m fine, no injuries to the other party, the insurance company was contacted minutes later, the truck’s still driveable and I should have my wheels in the body shop this week — with arrangements to be made for a “loaner car” while said truck’s in said shop.

Anyway, long story short, I’m on 6th and Pine, approaching a green light and heard an emergency vehicle’s siren but can’t see the vehicle in question. Erring on the side of caution, I apply the breaks at the green light watching out for the still unseen emergency vehicle and the car in back of me slams into my truck’s back bumper. To “the other guy’s” credit, he did see my brake lights and tried to react in accord. This probably wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have so much rain earlier in the morning.


Sunday: The radio show. With the wreck about 24 hours old, I wasn’t quite my jovial self. But we went through the top five least popular video game titles for the holiday season…

5. Spongebob Squarepants Versus Predator

4. Help Omarosa Run The Ponderosa

3. Phil DiFatta’s Deer Hunt

2. Mark Martin’s Pole Position 2005

1. Ron Artest’s Punchout

…a footnotes for those outside South Mississippi, Phil’s a local outdoor writer and he and the Rock 104 morning crew often trade barbs.

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