Vacation Wrap-up

So, anyway, we’re in Van Wert, Ohio checking out the Andy Griggs/Brad Paisley concert Sunday.

Cindy enjoyed every minute of Andy’s hour. Definitely made up for the time she missed Andy when he was here in the Pine Belt.

As for Brad, we could only stick around for half an hour. Not that Brad was bad or the crowd was getting rowdy or anything like that. We had to leave early because our flight home was leaving early — 7:30am Eastern Daylight Time Monday morning. (We’d have to place emphasis on the “Daylight” since most, if not all, of Indiana doesn’t participate in Daylight Savings Time and we were relatively close to Fort Wayne.)

After that, it was back to Dayton to spend the night at Cindy’s friend’s place. Then back to Memphis, to Tupelo and, the next day, home.

I’ve asked Cindy’s brother and brother-in-law to be groomsmen. This way, the wedding party will be composed of our siblings and her nieces and nephew.

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