This ‘N’ That

‘Tis been a busy few weeks recently.

Cindy’s had to take on two full-time jobs since the resignation of a hall director — meaning another move ‘cross campus. The hall director vacancy has since been filled and Cindy couldn’t be happier. Yet, another ‘cross campus move only because construction near her apartment’s at least 95% complete.

Meantime, we’re planning on a trip to Ohio. This will be the third time in four years I’ve been to the Buckeye state. For those of you keeping score, I attended a high school class reunion in 2001 (scheduled in October…weeks after 9/11…thankfully planned to stay on terra firma all along with sidetrips to visit Geof in Huntsville) and 2002 was Cleveland (hoped to attend an anime convention featuring a Japanese animation-themed version of Match Game…its host had to back out due to professional responsibility…still had fun anyway).

We’re going to visit some of Cindy’s siblings (read: more future-in-laws of mine) and check out a country music concert featuring Brad Paisley and Andy Griggs. Andy had performed here in the Pine Belt at a South Mississippi Fair in Laurel. Cindy had to back out at the last moment due to illness — and *doesn’t* want to miss this one.

The radio stations are saying goodbye to Bobby Brignac after a couple of years of service. As noted elsewhere at Doug Morris dot org, Rock 104’s parent company bought WXHB-96.5, which was — and remains — a Southern Gospel station after being relaunched as a talk station helmed by you know who.

Friday, we had a get-together for some cake and pizza. Bobby’s moving back to Picayune to sell cars at a dealership there. Good luck, Bobby, and stay in touch.

Afterward, back to South Hattiesburg to pick up Cindy for dinner. We had planned to check out the dedication of the college’s new soccer field — but it looked like rain (as it does today) and we decided to watch the Olympics.

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