Playing Catch-Up

When you take vacation from two jobs, a good amount of work awaits you when you return. Such was the case in the last week. Not that I’m complaining — just saying, is all.

In the midst of playing catch-up in TV land, I’ve racked up some overtime. The bad news, while I was gone, OT pay at WDAM was cut due to budget constraints. Still, I must be compensated somehow for the OT. So, per an agreement with management, I plan to leave early Tuesday. This way, I can be with Cindy for a photo shoot. One of her co-workers is a photographer and will be shooting images of us for newspapers announcing our wedding plans.

Radio show yesterday was fun. RockTrax started a new series of contests where we give away movie tickets (this as a result of business conducted while Cindy and I were on the world tour).

Finally, Cindy and I saw Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy at a theater near us Saturday. Funny stuff — but the extreme fight scene between the Channel 4 News team and its counterparts from competing stations was a bit dopey.

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