During Our Week Of The Engagement…

…my alma mater hired a new basketball coach.

Larry Eustachy. Yup, with a name like that, you immediately think of his far-from-graceful exit from as the coach of Iowa State’s roundball team. He left after pictures of him drinking and partying with college students surfaced.

He claims he’s been dry ever since and next month will mark a full year since he had some booze.

OK, it’s easy to bring on the drunk jokes. A certain former co-worker was notorious for bar-hopping and partaking of booze — all while driving a company vehicle (EEK!) — and I’ve since had pithy one-liners about him on RockTrax and DougMorris.net.

But, in the coach’s case, I believe the guy. He sure sounded contrite at the press conference Thursday. It was as if to say, “What was I thinking? Or better yet, was I thinking?”

It is here I can only assume there’s been a “thou shalt not partake of alcholic beverage” clause placed into his contract — or some other policy to that effect. The coach knows he’s had critics in the last year or so — and he’s ready to prove them wrong.

Here’s hoping the coach can get Southern Miss a good team together and a bunch of wins. Between a losing season for our cagers and mondo controversy surrounding the suspensions of two professors, these have not been the best of times at the ol’ U of S M.

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