Memo To The Local Chapter Of Alltel

A small favor: Do you think you can get your (rhymes with “spit”) together?

Some months back, Alltel acquired CellularOne. Through some twist of technological fate, some of their customers who dial a three- or four-digit number (with the first digit being a “*”) and thought they’d be connecting to Alltel — get the WDAM newsroom instead.

It’s frustrating for them, and us, when one of us picks up the phone and the Alltel customer says, “Uh, yeah, I’m trying to get through to my voicemail.” Then, the customer is just as puzzled as we are when the customer realizes he or she got us in TV land and not Alltel.

There was a rash of these calls when Alltel first came on to the scene. The number of these “wrong connection” calls has lowered over time (probably one or two every other day, on average). But, for all involved, the number of these incidents needs to be lowered to absolute zero.

I really hate to think Alltel’s losing tons of business over this. Apparently, it’s an issue with what were CellularOne towers.

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  1. That is about as good as Earthlink, who we never had service with, dunning us for a balance of $0.00. And, the idiots wasted several dollars in postage until I sent them a certified letter via USPS explaining that if I got another bill for $0.00 I would find a lawyer and file suit.

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