Spending My Labor Day Weekend Laboring

Quick review of what’s happened so far and what’s to come…

Saturday: Go to Laurel, have lunch with grandparents, go to radio stations to run football game on Rock 104 in relief of Bryan (make a little extra moolah in the process), go back to grandparents’ place after Southern Miss big time 34-2 loss in California, listen to some of the Mississippi State-Oregon game on “the competition” (no cable at grandparents’), call it a night.

Sunday: Wake up, find out State comes back but falls short for first loss of season, have breakfast, pack up, do RockTrax, come home, revise this site and DougMorris.net.

Today: Nope, we’re not one of the TV stations carrying the Jerry Lewis telethon. So, it’s off to work but for about half a day. Then, putt-putt golf with Cindy.

I’m in need of some vacation time. I’ve estimated I got about 3 or 4 “unused days” to go. Obviously, one week’s burned up for the world tour and another’s set aside for Christmas (exactly where to be determined).

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