Cindy And Doug World Tour: Currently In Tupelo

Well, Baldwyn really — but close enough. 🙂

The World Tour began not very far from home — Uncle Ray’s. Mom and Dad were in South Mississippi for his class reunion. I got them some goodies. For Mom, Paul O’Neill’s memoirs (he’s her fave ballplayer). For Dad, a deck of Iraq’s Mosted Wanted playing cards (I suggested he use it for a game of Go-Fish…”Got any Husseins?”).

While they were at the reunion, the rest of us were at a seafood restaurant in Jones County. Nice stuff. Cheesesticks, popcorn shrimp and fries filled up muh belly just right. 🙂

Then, on to this morning. After a wonderful breakfast, we all parted ways. We’ll see Mom and Dad later this week. Cindy and I got to her mom and stepdad’s place just in time for the NASCAR race from northern California. Gordon won it — but not Cindy’s Gordon. Robby Gordon ends up in victory lane with Jeffy finishing second.

Tomorrow, we’ll probably head on over to the automotive museum.

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