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I know, I go several days without updating this space. Been busy! Anyhoo…

\Why, oh why, did Michael Powell and company at the FCC give a blank check to corporate America? They’re relaxing the rules on just how many broadcast stations a company can own. I mean, come on, look what happened back in ’96. Rules were relaxed and it created a monster in Clear Channel. Even though my politics skew right, props to Byron Dorgan, a democratic senator from North Dakota, for leading the charge on a congressional challenge to this decision. Mississippi’s own Trent Lott, a republican, is also joining in on this challenge.

\It’s official. Cindy and I are on the quest for gold. No, that doesn’t mean an engagement! In case that sink in, no, that doesn’t mean an engagement! I repeat, we’re not engaged! So, don’t ask when’s the wedding! OK?!?!?! “Quest for gold” means we’ve discussed the idea of taking our bond to the ultimate level. Our upcoming road trip to visit relatives becomes that much more important.

\Finally, good luck to Mike Klauss, one of the folks I met in Cleveland and have been in touch with before and after my C-town trip in ’02. He’s in the finals of the MSNBC “Hardball Hot Seat” challenge. I’ve got my VCR set for June 12 at 6pm (Central, of course). Check hardball.msnbc.com or your local listings for the start time in your area.

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