Bonehead of the Year 2002

It’s that time of year again. The RockTrax team has sifted through our files and come up with the cream of the crap — uh, crop. Welcome to our annual voting for Bonehead of the Year for 2002.

This all started back in April of 1997 as part of RockTrax‘ first anniversary broadcast del grande on Rock 104. We concluded some dingbat in Wichita, Kansas (my birthplace…but that’s beside the point) was worthy of the honor. You’d probably come to the same conclusion if you read his account. He was accused of stealing merchandise from a shoe store, was called to the witness stand at his trial — and propped his feet on said stand wearing boots he stole from the store.

Later that summer, the website “RockTrax @ The Cyber-Base” (now was launched. Ever since RockTrax has had its own companion website, we’ve opened up Bonehead of the Year voting to you.

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