Vacation Time’s In Site

Gotta take care of the usual stuff ’round the apartment — have mail service stopped, do one last round of laundry and pack.

Still, when I woke up this morning, that usual “Monday blues” mentality was non-existent.

Along the way, I hope to check out the premiere of Lingo — L-I-N-G-O — on GSN. I got some idea of gameplay by downloading a rather lame game called “PC-LINGO”. Lame in the sense that some of the five-letter secret words include repeats of letters (such as WILLS, PAPER, SORRY) whereas it’s my understanding the show uses five-letter words that include no repeats (like CABLE, SNAIL, RIGHT). Think I’m going to purchase and register that software? Nope.

Anyway, if time does allow, look for Doug Dissects by day’s end.

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