The Golden Oops Award…

…for today goes to MSNBC, America’s NewsChannel…

NEW YORK (AP) – A profanity used by ousted Ohio Rep. James Traficant in an interview with Don Imus was excised from Imus’ radio show Monday but slipped past censors during the MSNBC simulcast.

The former congressman, expelled from the House of Representatives last week, was talking to Imus about his case when he suggested the FBI and IRS could “go … themselves.”

Imus’ radio audience couldn’t hear the profanity because it was bleeped out during a seven-second delay before airing.

That’ll be enough of James Traficant,” Imus said. “Clearly, he’s been drinking.”

MSNBC airs three hours of Imus’ show on weekday mornings. When Imus is in the studio, the network has the seven-second delay that is commonly used to prevent such occurrences. But when Imus is broadcasting from a remote location, as he was Monday, the delay is unavailable, MSNBC spokeswoman Cheryl Daly said.

I’ll bet the delay will become available now.

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